A gallery of photomicrographs depicting the spectrum of foci of cellular alteration in the rat liver that might be encountered during toxicologic pathology evaluation of preclinical studies.

Index of Slides

1. Rat Liver Foci R. R. Maronpot maronpot@me.com Photomicrographs courtesy of the National Toxicology Program (http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov)
2. Foci of Cellular Alteration
3. Focus of Cellular Alteration
4. Focus of Cellular Alteration
5. Foci in Mouse Liver
6. Small Clear Cell Focus
7. Large Vacuolated Focus
8. Vacuolated Focus
9. Focus with Inflammation
10. Basophilic Focus
11. Basophilic Focus
12. Basophilic Focus
13. Homogeneous Pattern
14. Tigroid Pattern
15. Cresyl Violet Stain
16. Eosinophilic Focus
17. Eosinophilic Foci
18. Mixed Cell Foci
19. Vacuolated Focus
20. Vacuolated Focus
21. Large Vacuolated Focus
22. Tension Lipidosis

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