Toxicologic Pathology Articles and Publications

/Toxicologic Pathology Articles and Publications

New Technologies: Real-time Telepathology Systems – Novel Cost-effective Tools for Real-time Consultation and Data Sharing

Abstract: Real-time telepathology for use in investigative and regulated preclinical toxicology studies is now feasible. Newly developed microscope-integrated telepathology systems enable geographically remote stakeholders to view the live histopathology slide as seen by the study [...]

Imaging Applications in Toxicologic Pathology – Recommendations for Use in Regulated Non-Clinical Toxicity Studies

Available imaging systems for use in preclinical toxicology studies increasingly show utility as important tools in the toxicologic pathologist’s armamentarium, permit longitudinal evaluation of functional and morphological changes in tissues, and provide important information such [...]

Compact Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems – Novel Cost-Effective Tools for Preclinical Drug Safety and Efficacy Evaluation

Practical magnetic resonance imaging for use in investigative and preclinical toxicology studies is now feasible. Newly developed, self-containing imaging systems provide an efficient and cost-effective means to rapidly obtain in vivo and ex vivo magnetic [...]

The Legacy of the F344 Rat as a Cancer Bioassay Model (A Retrospective Summary of Three Common F344 Neoplasms)

Robert R. Maronpot1, Abraham Nyska2, Jennifer E. Foreman3, Yuval Ramot4 1Maronpot Consulting LLC, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 2Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and Timrat, Israel, 3ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc., Annadale, New Jersey, USA,  4Hadassah-Hebrew [...]