Toxicologic Pathology Articles and Publications

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Continuous exposure to amorphous formula of curcumin from the developmental stage facilitates anti-anxiety-like behavior and fear-extinction learning in rats

An amorphous formula of curcumin (CUR) has shown to enable an improved bioavailability after ingestion. The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that exogenously administered CUR has an advantage in [...]

Embryo-fetal developmental toxicity study of alpha-glycosyl isoquercitrin administered orally to New Zealand White rabbits

An embryo-fetal survival and development study was conducted to augment the toxicity database for alpha-glycosyl isoquercitrin (AGIQ), a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) additive and flavor in food and beverages. In Phase I, [...]

Continuous exposure to α-glycosyl isoquercitrin from developmental stages to adulthood is necessary for facilitating fear extinction learning in rats

We previously reported that exposure to α-glycosyl isoquercitrin (AGIQ) from the fetal stage to adulthood facilitated fear extinction learning in rats. The present study investigated the specific AGIQ exposure period sufficient for inducing [...]

Synthetic and Natural Food Colorants

There is increasing contemporary appeal and interest in natural versus synthetic food and beverage colorants based on increasing health awareness and global demand for chemical-free food products. There are many commonalities in defining [...]