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Furan-induced dose-response relationships for liver cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, and tumorigenicity (furan-induced liver tumorigenicity)

Rodent studies of furan are associated with liver cell necrosis, release of liver-associated enzymes, increased hepatocyte proliferation, and hepatocarcinogenesis. For carcinogens whose proposed mode of action is cytolethality, it is hypothesized that the dose-response curve for tumor development would parallel the dose-response curve for cell death with compensatory proliferation in the target organ. To prospectively [...]

Biological Basis of Differential Susceptibility to Hepatocarcinogenesis among Mouse Strains

There is a vast amount of literature related to mouse liver tumorigenesis generated over the past 60 years, not all of which has been captured here. The studies reported in this literature have generally been state of the art at the time they were carried out. A PubMed search on the topic “mouse liver tumors” [...]

Immunotoxicity and Environment: Immunodysregulation and Systemic Inflammation in Children

Environmental pollutants, chemicals, and drugs have an impact on children’s immune system development. Mexico City (MC) children exposed to significant concentrations of air pollutants exhibit chronic respiratory inflammation, systemic inflammation, neuroinflammation, and cognitive deficits. We tested the hypothesis that exposure to severe air pollution plays a role in the immune responses of asymptomatic, apparently healthy [...]